At Fuji, our aim is to introduce food lovers to Washoku. Located in quaint corner of Connaught Place, Fuji brings to you the most authentic Japanese food in Delhi NCR. Fuji Japanese Restaurant is a gastronomic odyssey to Japan delivering scrumptious experience of Japanese food and ambience. From the rare ingredients to the cutlery, everything at Fuji is handpicked and imported straight from Japan.
While everybody has become familiar to the flavors of Sushi, people are still unaware of a traditional Japanese meal and its real flavors. The Fuji concept is all about an enriching dining experience where guests enjoy great ambience in line with the Japanese minimalist décor and the Zashiki style seating, unparalleled cuisine and warm hospitality. KNOW MORE …


Chef Migita Masao, head chef at Fuji, comes with over 25 years of experience in authentic Japanese, Fusion and Western Cuisine. He has lived in India for 5 years and is also married to an Indian. Given his vast expertise of work with world renowned chefs in Japan, Chef Migita has developed an eye for innovative dishes that will delight your taste buds. KNOW MORE
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CALL : +919599798020 | TIMINGS : 10:00~22:00


CALL : 011-4747-2395 / 96 | TIMINGS : 11:00~22:30


M-41/2, Speedbird House, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi


New No. 134, Chamiers Road, Nandanam, Chennai – 600035

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